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Friday, December 1, 2017
After all my Christmas Decor is taken downstairs to carefully unwrap, before I put up my trees, before I hang my wreaths ... I open my table settings bin for Christmas.  It's one of my favorite joys of the season, creating another table for a special meal with family and friends.

This year was no different, however, there were a few pieces that I received throughout this year to make this table even more special.  You'll notice the same snowflake china as last year, even the same centerpiece tress.  However, You'll find something really special in the center, Ryan's Grandmother's Silver Candelabra.  She gave these to me last Christmas, and I have cherished them ALL year, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them.  Her silver candelabra goes perfectly with our Silver Snowflake theme, and I am so honored to hold on to this piece in our home.

You'll also notice Ryan's Grandmother's Silver Flatware that she also gave me to hold.  It's timeless and beautiful.  I am so lucky to have it to cherish and remind me of family when they are so far away.  It's just little pieces like those that give me the greatest joy this holiday season!

I found these amazing galvanized chargers on the CHEAP this year.  I had been eyeing Pottery Barns for quite some time, but the steep price tag always turned me away.  These are $20 for 8, and they are perfect for this setting!

Thank you for taking a peek at our table this year!  You can find last years setting by clicking HERE.

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