Imhoff Homesteads :: Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

Imhoff Homesteads :: Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2017

It wouldn't be a complete Gift Guide if we didn't share with you our top Gifts for HIM this holiday season!  I don't know about you, but I feel like men can be extremely difficult to buy for.  They either want something very specific or in my case say "I don't need anything."  At least I give subtle hints!!

Have no fear though, we have compiled a GREAT list for every man this year, there really is something for everyone.  I love how versatile this list is, and no matter what your budget, you can find something that' he'll love and actually use!  Like the Women's gift guide, links are below for easy shopping!  Enjoy!

1.  Brookstone's Blue Party Speaker
If you know our family, you know just how much we use this speaker.  Yes, my husband has it and it goes EVERYWHERE with us.  Sporting games, tailgates, parties, road trips, and the pool ... because, yes, it's waterproof!  This speaker is super durable and has amazing sound!

2. Beard Oil and Beard Balm
Now we don't really have a "Brand" per say, but we can tell you that these products make their beard feel very soft and keeps them from drying out during the winter months. They will appreciate something that's "manly, but also makes them feel pampered!"

3. Tile Mate
Does your man constantly lose his keys or wallet?  I love this gift because it keeps them organized and less stressed. This super sleek design means it can fit anywhere!  They are super affordable too!

4.  Carnivore Club Rub & Grilling Salt Set
Nothing says Merry Christmas like Seasoning for Men.  Seriously, they go crazy about it and it's something that they are excited to use and test out!  This one in particular comes with different seasonings for different types of meat. "Each savory rub is hand-blended in small batches from traditional recipes and is specially prepared for a wide range of meats – from lamb and chicken, to pork and beef."

5.  Meat Claws
The perfect accompany to the Carnivore Club Rub is meat claws.  How awesome are these?  They are great for pulling apart smoked or pulled pork, chicken, or brisket.  These in particular come with recipes too.  Heat resistant and bear claw shape make it easy to shred.  The Ultimate man gift.  These also make great stocking suffers!

6.  Sous Vide Cooker
Are we sensing a theme here?  Man [Heart] Meat?!  This is a great gift for the Chef in your life who loves a perfectly cooked Steak.  No really ... this is an amazing gift that allows you to cook your meal perfectly, every time.  This one includes wifi too.  This is FOR SURE on our list, he'll love it!  Precision cooker heats and circulates water in your pot, evenly cooking food to a precise internal temperature to guarantee perfect results every time.

7. Camping Mug and Blanket
We love this gift, and it's cute too!  It's great for the man who goes camping, hunting, or is one with nature!  You can even get this cute gift basket that includes coffee too!

8.  Amazon's Alexa
For the man who's always doing something and needs a little help :)  We love Alexa and think it's great for the man who's watching the game and needs something, or wants to play music while his hands and busy in the garage.  For the man who's just gotten out of the shower and needs the weather update before he leaves for work!  The possibilities are endless!

9.  Dart Board
For the gamer!  Give him something he'll love to do both by himself or with friends.  Perfect for the man came!  Add some darts and it's the perfect gift!

10.  Stanley Thermos
We love that once was old is new again!  This is a great gift for the rugged man or the traveler!  Never have cold coffee again!  I don't know a man that couldn't use this gift!  It's so versitle which is why we HAD to put it on our list!

11. MVMT Watches
Great versatile watches, in unique modern design, perfect for a man who loves watches.  If you're ma is stylist or needs an updated watch, you need to check out MVMT.  They are very affordable and have great designs!  Started buy two guy who wanted to create an affordable, stylish watch for both men and women.  I think they both succeeded!

12. Whiskey Ice Sphere Set
If your man likes whiskey on the rocks, he needs this ice sphere kit.  I have read all the reviews and  this seems to be the one that works like a charm!  I know we can't wait to try ours.  No more watered down Whiskey!

13. Ugg Slippers
Comfort is the name of the game!  He will LOVE and USE these slippers all-the-time.  I know my husband needs to get another pair, because he has literally worn these out.  I can't say enough great things about these slippers.  They actually are so nice, they will wear them out too!  Trust me on this one!

14. Men's Scarves
Yes, even men need [and like] scarves!  They need to be kept warm too!!  This is a super stylish scarf from JCrew which could go with many different outfits.  Dress up or down, this is comfortable scarf that will get lots of use!

15.  Yeti Hopper
Yes, I had to include something Yeti for our list.  These Hopper bags are great for transporting wherever you're headed.  Lightweight and VERY durable, you can't go wrong with buying a man a cooler... you know it's true!  We personally have the Hopper 30 and it's perfect!

Hope this list was helpful and good luck shopping for your man!

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