Imhoff Homestead :: The Foundation + Frame

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
You know it starts becoming official once they start framing and the home begins to take shape.  It's crazy to me to think that in just a few short months [4 to be exact] we'll be living inside these walls and making new family memories.  I can't wait to walk the kids to school each morning, enjoying our backyard extra space for our puppies, and making warm home-made dinners in the new kitchen.  It seems like such "little stuff," but it's simply what I am craving right now.

When I see the framed walls like this it makes my head swirl with design ideas.  I literally have had trouble sleeping thinking about where things will "go," or what I still need to get for the home.  The list seems like it's never ending, and a lot of it is easily forgotten items ... curtain rods, shower rods, drawer liners, cabinet pulls.  All the non-furniture necessary stuff right?!  I won't lie though, it's extremely exciting to be able to do this for a second time.  Only in Texas can you keep building your dream home!  When building your home or going through a re-model, what are some of the items you forgot, or wish you would have done differently?  We are by no means building a custom home, and one of the items I wanted so badly was a laundry shoot.  Looks like the boys will be throwing their clothes down the stair case again [enter sad emoji here.]

The rounded part of the slab is our master bedroom.  It will be so nice to have some extra space in the room for a reading nook.  And the below photo will eventually be the kitchen.  Right from my kitchen window I'll see out to the street and get a great view of a pretty live oak tree.  I was REALLY worried about this window for a long time because there is a big post on that side of the home that I would have DIED if I was staring at while doing dishes!  Thank goodness it looks like we're in the clear!

And there you have it, a little sneak peek of what's to come.  I can't wait to share more about our build and the process itself.  So far it's been "ok."  It's honestly been really slow and we just heard word that our windows are on back-order ... so there is that.  BUT, I refuse to get lost in the day-to-day dilemmas and just set my eyes for our future.  Thanks for sharing this journey with me. Next week I'll be sharing some of our design selections!! Whoop Whoop!

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Imhoff Homestead :: Must Have Beauty Products 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Imhoff Homestead's TOP Products 2018

You'all - I am SO SO SO excited to bring back Imhoff Homestead's TOP Beauty Products of 2018 - Whoop Whoop!  After a few months of testing products [yes we really do test EVERY product] we have narrowed down our favorites to these babies!

So you may be wondering .... WHY?!  We have done this for a few years now and everyone seems to REALLY enjoy finding new beauty products to try for themselves. We asked family, friends, and finally our readers, and it all comes down to this!  What to know the best part? We still have 3/4 products that are going on the 2019 list because they are THAT good too! Thank you to everyone who sent us a note or request, we love them all!!  To view last years list Must Have Beauty List 2017, Click Here.

Here they are in all their glory ... we'll be sharing how we use these products on social media over the next few weeks! 

Imhoff Homestead's :: Top Must Have Beauty Products 2018

1.  Splurge Cream Eye Shadow by Younique -
Day or Evening, this product looks amazing! It looks pretty dark in the packaging when you first get it, and literally, like every time I pull it out, I think ... this may be too dark.  BUT, it goes on flawlessly every time.  The key is that a little bit goes a long way.  So for your sudle look, you don't need to use as much.  If you apply more, it will go on darker for more of an evening look. I use this almost every day and because it's creamy, it takes seconds to apply.  I do use a brush, but I have known others to use their fingertip too.  You are going to LOVE this color because it goes with everything!!  Oh and all Seasons too. It's currently Summer here and I have been using it every day, but I also know it's going to look - oh so good, this Fall!  Contact your local/nearest Younique Rep to purchase.

2. Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner -
Okay, this item leaves my skin feeling so fresh, and totally smells like a garden tomato.  I thought it was actually weird when I started using it, but I LOVE it now.  It reminds me of my grandma's tomato garden every time I use it.  Did you know that Tomatoes are also an amazing source of carotenoids like Lycopene, Beta-Carotene, and Vitamin E? Me either, but I have totally seen great results, which is why this product had to make the list!  Basically the toner restores your skin to the correct ph balance. It's 99% all natural and removes dirt and oil, all while tightening pores.  Who wouldn't want that?!  It's also a great product to use before using moisturizer, as it prepares your face for application.  I literally buy mine at Kroger, but you can get it from the link if it's easier.  Here is the link for easy purchase: Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

3. Illuminating Mineral Pressed Powder w/ Fan Brush -
Before last year, I was using eye shadow in an illuminating light color in certain places around my face once my makeup was complete.  THIS product was a game changer for me.  If you are like me and still using eye shadow, then this may be a great go-to.  Yes you'll have to purchase another product, but I promise this goes on flawlessly!  I use it with the Fan Brush also in the photo, and talked about below.  I even use an off brand and it will last forever!  I have has this particular illuminating powder for over a year and it's still has TONS of life left.  You really don't use a lot, so it should last you quite a long time.  So here's the step.  After I have on my makeup and everything is set, I take the fan brush, use this powder and whisp it over my cheek bones, the cupid's arrow on my lips, and my brow bone.  It's amazing how it brings your face to life ... like seriously, the perfect last step, leaving you with a sun-kissed finished look.  Here is a link for easy purchase:  Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer in Summer Kiss

Okay, so I talked about using this product above with the illuminating powder, but if you don't have a fan brush in your arsenal, you need to grab one today!  Like for real!  I use this brush DAILY to illuminate, and it's a breeze!  We all have those brushes that we get and they hardly ever get used. I have like 20 of those, HA!  But for real, this is one that I use every single day, because even if I don't put on makeup, or not all of my makeup, the illuminating powder still looks good when applied with this brush. You can pick these brushes up anywhere. I got mine at Sephora and I probably wont need to purchase another one of these brushes for 10+ years.  ** Always make sure you clean your brushes well, but this is one that takes little to no effort and glides on.  It barely even touches my face!  Here is the link for easy purchase: Medium Powder Fan Brush

4.  Jade Facial Roller - 
Okay, you're going to feel so fancy using a jade roller I promise!  When I first got mine, I was hesitant to say the least.  I didn't exactly "buy-in" to what they say it will do. BUT, I decided to try it and use it consistently, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I use this roller first thing every morning and it's great because it has two sides. The small jade side I use under my eyes and the larger side I use on the rest of my face.  The jade always stays cool, so it feels great on your skin.  What I discovered after using this product is that I would actually get excited to use it each morning.  It's like getting a mini facial massage and takes some of the redness out of my face.  So here's my routine.  I wake up, use a facial cleansing towelette over my face, then I proceed with my jade roller.  This makes sure that my face is clean and keeps germs and bacteria away from my roller.  The puffy circles start to look better even before I reach for my coffee.  There are MANY, MANY out there, I just picked one and was happy with it. I didn't do a lot of research of all the different companies out there.  Mine did however come in a cute box, which is where I keep it still.  Here is a link for easy purchase: GingerChi Roller Anti Aging Jade Roller

5. Indulge Soothing Eye Gel by Mary Kay -
I have been using this product for YEARS, and I do mean YEARS!  In all seriousness, I refuse to do ANYTHING before I have had a cup of coffee in the mornings .... but you know what, I apply this first!  When you wake up and you haven't gotten as much sleep as your body needs, and your eyes feel so tired, or it's hard to keep them open ... this here my friends is like eye crack!  You'll instantly be able to open your eyes and feel better about your morning as you're pouring that first cup, I guarantee it!  This is one product I cherish and always make sure I have plenty of.  A little bit goes a long way, so one of these glass jars lasts me about 6 months! Contact your local/nearest Mary Kay Rep to purchase.

6. Bare Minerals Finishing Brush - 
Here's to the brush that I owe it all to.  After I have used all my hundreds of brushes in the morning, this is the one that pulls everything together to make my face look flawless and airbrushed!  I am like most people and use a foundation brush each morning.  I also have a contour brush that I use with my bronzer.  Once everything is evened out and blended in - then I STILL come in with my Finishing Brush.  Friends, I seriously do not even put a lick of any-type of makeup on this brush - at all! I just blend and swirl!  Airbrushed every time!  You're Welcome!  Here is the link for easy purchase: Bare Minerals Finishing Brush

7.  It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
It's from It's a 10, because I would rate it a 10!  Hands down, with my hair type, I HAVE to use this product after washing my hair.  It takes like negative 2 seconds to mist your hair before you brush, right after you jump out of the shower.  I have a littler routine.  I get out of the shower, I spray this miracle product in my hair, I brush my teeth, and THEN I brush through.  It leaves your hair so soft and also allows the brush to just run right through to the ends.  If I didn't use this product, it would take me forever to brush out  my tangled hair.  I have fine, thin hair, so it tangles VERY easily. Even if your hair isn't like mine, it will repair dry damaged hair, add shine, smooth & control frizz, seal & protect hair color, prevent split ends, stop hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, AND [catching my breath] is a flat iron & thermal protector.   Why are you not using this product already?!  Here is the link for easy purchase: It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

8.  L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara -
You may be thinking ... really?  This is the mascara you choose for the list?!  Are you serious!?  YES, I AM DEAD SERIOUS!  I have used this mascara for the last 10 YEARS.  No, seriously!  And I kid you not, I get asked at LEAST once a week which mascara I use.  Now to be fair, I have long lashes, so they get brought up more that most.  But I adore this mascara.  It's creamy so it goes on smooth with no lumps.  It's easy to apply and I love the think and soft mascara wand, and it doesn't smudge.  What more could you want in a mascara?  This mascara never hurts my lashes, it's easy to take off and apply, and can get in numerous colors.  It's not expensive and lasts me a very long time.  It's one of my secret weapons.   I do have a special routine I use that helps maximize my mascara, but that's probably for a different post. I will say that I get the 5x Voluminous one and every time my lashes look like perfection!  Again, I buy mine at Target or Kroger, but ... Here's the link for easy purchase: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black

9.  Flowerbomb Perfume by Viktor Rolf -
It's my go-to scent, every day, evenings out, it's the best.  In the past, when some of my friends would comment on how they love perfume I would secretly buy the roller and gift it to them as a surprise.  Guess what?!  They are still using it!  These rollers also make the best stocking stuffers too!  Who wouldn't LOVE this?!  If you haven' tried this scent yet, make time and do it! I mean, it made my must-have list for a reason! Here is the link for easy purchase: Flowerbomb by Viktor+Rolf

11.  Dove Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo -
I have tried them ALL! I have an arsenal of dry shampoo products in my cabinet as we speak and it's quite embarrassing.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find the perfect dry shampoo!  It's super cheap [$4], and lasts me 2+ weeks.  Before bed, I spray this on my hair and when I wake up, it's perfect!  Now, I do have fine, thin hair, so my wash/clean ratio is probably higher. I TRY to push to day three, but sometimes that's just not an option.  However, almost always I wait a day before washing and this dry shampoo is the only reason why I can do it!  Now, I love dry bar products .... but my wallet [and husband] does not agree.  The Dry Shampoo empties wayyy too fast for me to get some high-end brand, which is why I prefer the Dove version.  It does a perfect job!  I get mine at Kroger, but here is the link for easy purchasing: Dove Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo

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Three products in our Top 10 Must Have List were sponsored.  Imhoff Homestead tested over 15 sponsored products, and only 3 made the Top 3 List.  Our testimony was completely our own, we feel the products we chose were the best in their field, and we would recommend these to others without the sponsorship.  For easy purchase, we have added these products to the our right sidebar.  Please check out these products from other Mompreneuars.

Some products will not work with everyone all the time.  If you purchase any product from our list, and it doesn't work out, or doesn't work with your body, then you will not hold Imhoff Homestead Liable in any shape or form.  Please read all the ingredients of each product before trying. 
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