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Friday, December 15, 2017

It seems like such an easy gift.  One that doesn't take much time to put together, but I am more excited about these gifts under my tree than anything I could find off Amazon.  These Photo Boxes are not only beautiful, but they are sentimental and tell their own stories.  I love how these boxes could sit on the coffee table and be picked up by anyone who visits or sits down.  Photos each wrapped with a proper bow, just waiting to be untied.  I can't wait to hand out these precious Photo Boxes to our loved ones.

Inside we have over 100 photos each, all filled with photos from the current year.  From birthdays to tournaments, home run balls to family vacations.  All randomly sorted.  I purposefully did not put the photos in order.  I love how each one is different, and therefore they wont feel like they have to go through them all in one setting.  Each time they pick it up, new memories are made.

No matter where they set these pretties boxes, one things for sure ... they will always looks good.  The simplicity of these boxes filled with families memories is what makes this one of the most perfect gifts.

We'll be "refilling" each year with all our memories from 2018.   May the new year bring you joy and happiness to you and your loved ones!

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