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Friday, June 7, 2019
Intrigued?  We were too when we heard the words, "Beauty Fridge."  I wasn't exactly sure what it  meant, but I was 100% sure I needed one! 

We first noticed this trend on Instagram a few months back, it was a pop up ad, and I made a mental note to look further into this so called "product enhancer."  Then we saw it again last month in another ad on Facebook .... you got us Social Media, I guess you pegged us right! [Insert Slow Hand Clap Here.]  Whatever formula they have down for Imhoff Homestead, I'm telling you, it's spot on!

A beauty fridge is one of those small portable fridges that you can take to work and have on your desk, plug into your car for hydrating needs on road trips, or to take when camping.  I am sure there are a hundred other uses of course, but some genius figured out that if you put one of these bad boys in your bathroom, and add skin care products that really should be kept in cooler temperatures, then you automatically have a beauty fridge.  I of course jumped on the band wagon as quickly as I could.  And as a customer, I am 100% happy with mine!  I actually adore this fridge.  It's large enough to keep all my skin care products, as well as, some of my beauty tools.  Not only does it prolong the life of your products, but it keeps the shelf life longer too.

So on the top level I keep my smaller formulas, like complexion serums, daily face oils, eye rollers, and a soothing eye mask.  On the bottom level I have my daily and nightly face creams, hydration serums, and eye gel.  You can see I also keep my jade roller in here - UM totally game changer in my opinion!  One of my favorite features of this beauty fridge is the side compartment that is perfect to keep face masks and samples in.  There are a lot of fridge options out there, but I specifically purchased this one because of the side pocket.

Isn't she just the cutest?!  I luurrve her!  And I mean be serious, how cool does it sound when you tell people you have a beauty fridge in your bathroom?!  It certainly makes morning and evening routines more fun!

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