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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
You All .... I was cleaning my house yesterday and I looked over at my kitchen table and my hydrangia centerpiece, which I love, but have always felt like it was missing something,.  It was bare really and needed to be elavated.  I kept cleaning but almost immediatly I knew what I wanted.   The picture of blue and white vases popped into my head and I could see it visualy.  I needed three ... didfferent heights... more flowers, etc.  So off to the interwebs I went ... Ummm, these "blue and white vases" I wanted were not vases, they were Ginger Jars and to my surprise, they were extremely expensive.  I don't know if anyone has priced them out recently, but OH MY GOSH!  I really didn't want to spend $200+ on just a few, and I knew the look wouldn't be complete without all three.

Once I got over the fact that these babies were EX-PEN-SIVE, I came across a post from about a year ago where somone found the blue and white ginger jars at Home Goods.  I happened to be headed in a similar direction this morning and thought, "Oh what the heck, I'll just run in and see."  I searched all the normal areas one would search in Home Goods and N O T H I N G!  I had been telling myself not to get too excited about finding them, as this post was a year+ old, and well, let's face it, when you're looking for something specific, you NEVER find it.  Am I right?!  With my head held low and ready to walk out - I turned the corner and right in front of me was a HUGE display of them.  YES!  I wanted to shout and do a dance right there in the aisle, no joke!  I took my time and picked out thee different designs at different heights and high tailed it right back home.  I am SO so excited to see this vision come to life!

They were the perfect addtion to our kitchen and I am little obsessed with them!

Aren't they fantastic!  What are you decorationg with this Spring?!


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