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Monday, May 22, 2017
Here they ARE!  Our Top 10 MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS of 2017!

1.  bareMinerals Matte Foundation
Yep ... are you surprised?  I am actually.  I have used this product for a while now, and while I am surprised it made it on my "must-have" list, I am actually more surprised that we haven't featured it yet.   When I was younger I would wear a TON of makeup.  We're talking BB Cream, Full-Coverage Foundation, and then a Full-Coverage Powder to top it off.  Seriously ... now that I am older, and "wiser,"  I finally have realized that "Less is More."  That is why I LOVE my bareMinerals [or any mineral based foundation.]  It's lightweight, covers, and since it's the Matte foundation, it really controls my oily skin.  This is a must for Summer, and perfect for on-the-go wear! $28.00

2.  Younique Lip BonBons
Get ready for your lips to feel like Buhhhtttteeerrr.  I feel like I seriously need one of these in every bag I own, my car, my husbands car, and basically in every room of the house.  These tinted lip balms are so moisturizing, and come in the most flattering colors ever.  They have a mild vanilla fragrance and contain 5 natural oils  They are thick, so you get maximum lip coverage and glide all over your lips.  I even love the tube itself. It's got a matte texture that doesn't slip out of your hands when you're applying. Best part about this product - made from ALL NATURAL products!  YES! $22.00/Each [Click to PURCHASE]

3.  NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Okay Peeps, I know what you're thinking ... is this chick for real?  Is this list of products a joke?!  No Ma'am!  Let me tell you why this super CHEAP and Convenient product landed on our must have list.  I have used this baby for over 8 years.  8 years this product has lived in my drawer - Not this specific one, but many, many, many of them.  This is the easiest, and cheapest I have found that creates that perfect eyeliner wing in no time flat. Trust me, people ask me ALL the time what I use on my eyes.  I love it because it's easy to use, and the brush is long - so that I don't have to have it as close to your eyelids as others.  Get this ... it also stays on ALL DAY LONG!   Okay, so cheap, convenient, easy-to-use, and stays on .... I know, hurry and go grab you one, just thank me later!  It will be our secret! $3.00

4.  BeaBody Retinol Serum
For those of us getting older - this baby may help just enough.  I use this with Product No. 7 on the list.  It comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper, and it's serum based, so it's thicker.  I just apply over a clean, and freshly microneedled face, and wah-la, it's like a babies behind in the morning.  I love that this product is only $15 and comes in about about 4 month supply for me. I only use this product twice a week.  I have a few different night-time routines that help for different reasons each.  But I love going to bed at night, knowing when I wake up, I'll have better looking and feeling skin than when I went to bed!  Contains Retinol, Vitimin E, Green Tea & Jojoba Oil.  $15.00/30ml

5.  Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Sheer Nivana
This product strictly made this list because ... it's my new favorite color of the season.  It applies so easy and it stays on for at least a whole week for me personally.  I love the color that has just a pinch of blush and cream undertones.  The color contains argon oil which helps to nourish your nails as you wear ... and you can't beat the price!  $5.99/Each

6.  Rodan + Fields Spa Facial Kit
I feel like I could go on and on about this mini facial.  I honestly was shocked after trying a sample of it one evening. It's so tiny, and they come in these little capsules. I just kept thinking ... how does this little amount, cover everything in needs to?  Utter amazement.  I actually messaged the friend of mine who sent this in, and let her know just how impressed I was.  Each of these products felt SO good on my skin, that I wanted more. I didn't need more, but I was an instant believer.  This particular kit came with three items.  You first use the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste all over your dry skin.  Once you wash and rinse the paste off, you'll pat dry your face and add the Night Renewing Serum.  SO heavenly.  Then the silver capsule contains the Lip Renewing Serum, which you apply to your lips. I couldn't get enough of this stuff.  Like I said, I felt like she had gained a lifetime client, it was that amazing of an experience.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! [CLICK TO PURCHASE]

7.  MicroNeedle Roller
It sounds intense doesn't it?!  We'll it is ... and it's also amazing, and DOES amazing things too.  This facial roller helps stimulate collagen production and helps to absorb topically applied products to your skin.  Which is why I said that I used #4 and #7 together.  You can purchase these a lot of places now. This particular one came from amazon, however, I do know that Rodan + Fields also offers them. You'll want to make sure if you purchase online like I did, that you get the right length of needle. They come in a variety of sizes, but you'll want to use one that is appropriate for your face. $15.00

8.  Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Oh there is a God.  There are some nights when I just get too little sleep ... More times then not, I show it all in the bags under my eyes.   Have you ever wondered ... If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only take one beauty product with you, what you would bring?  For me, it's concealer.  I am a heavy concealer wearin' woman, let me tell you!  This shape tape by Tarte is amazing and works wonders.  I use the "bake" method when it comes to applying.  Basically that means that I apply to my face, and let it sit for about 3/4 minutes before I blend into my skin  I highly suggest this method!  Out of all the concealers I have tried ... [and I have tried A LOT], this one is my favorite! $25.00

9.  No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Facial Mask
Would you believe me if I told you I had never heard or seen this product until I was introduced to it a few weeks ago?  Talk about good timing!  If you haven't done your research and looked into BeautyCounter, you may need to take a few moments and do it now .... I'll just wait :)
This company is doing some AMAZING things!  Better - SAFER products! So when I was given a sample of their No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Facial Mask, I was super excited to try it.  Not only did this product make my skin feel so smooth and my pores less noticeable, it also drew out impurities, and cleared my skin of a few -ahem-problem areas.  This product shot up to one of my favorite go-to skin care must haves! $48.00

10.  MAC Prep + Prime
Now everyone women knows, or should know, that the key to a flawless face, starts at the primer!  Am I right or am I right?!  I absolutely refuse to put on make up with out a primer first.  To me, there really isn't a point.  For one, it wont stay on, and for two, the makeup wont on go on smoothly.  So for those two reason alone ... never wear makeup without it!  I will say that I am bi-partial when it comes to primers ... however, this one seams to always get used up the fastest.  It's my favorite of them all. I love how easy it is to apply, and I look put together at the end of a long day because of it.  This couldn't be easier to use.  It's a fine mist that you spray on, instead of applying by hand/brush/or blender.  If you're looking for a primer that doesn't disappoint, try it .... that is all.  Just try it!

So there you have it ... the MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS of 2017!

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Three products in our Top 10 Must Have List were sponsored.  Imhoff Homestead tested over 15 sponsored products, and only 3 made the Top 3 List.  Our testimony was completely our own, we feel the products we chose were the best in their field, and we would recommend these to others without the sponsorship.  For easy purchase, we have added these products to the our right sidebar.  Please check out these products from other Mompreneuars.

Some products will not work with everyone all the time.  If you purchase any product from our list, and it doesn't work out, or doesn't work with your body, then you will not hold Imhoff Homestead Liable in any shape or form.  Please read all the ingredients of each product before trying. 

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