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Friday, February 24, 2017
Okay seriously, what happened to February?!  Is next week seriously MARCH?
Whew, time if flying by!  That's quite all right with  me, I can't wait for some Sunshine again.

Spring ALSO means that it's time to starting thinking about those go-to beauty products!  You may remember that each year we bring you our favorite products of the current year, and usually, we do this pretty close to Christmas.  It acts like a good recap of the year's best ... but we thought it would be fun to debut the Must Have Beauty Products for the current year this MAY.

Introducing ... the new Imhoff Imhoff Homestead's
MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS 2017 | the application process

So here's how it will work ...

Each year we share with our readers [all 4000+ of you] the best products to use for your Face, Hair, Skin, and Nails.  Literally, no beauty product, system, or regime is off limits.  Of course we have our favorites already picked out that we use and have become familiar with over the last year, but we want to hear from YOU, the readers as well!

So we're asking you to email us at, Facebook Message us at Imhoff Homestead, or Share your Photos on Instagram and tag us with your all-time, favorite product[s].  OR, just comment below this blog! We will be searching high and low for the perfect items to make the list!

NOW - let's take it one step further ...
Do you own a business in the Beauty Industry?  Are in interested in bringing our readers over to your website and possibly making a sale?!  I mean, how could you not, right?!  This is SO super simple - anyone is welcome to apply.  What you need to do is click the link below ...

Now you'll want to fill it out with your Business Name, Your Name, Your Website, The Product[s] you are recommending, and the Benefits it has to either your Face, Skin, Nails, or Hair, etc.  You have until March 15th to send in the product to the address listed on the application to be considered.
So here's the easy part ... each product recommended and sent in will be Photographed, Benefits Detailed, and your Website listed as part of our Considerable Mention Category.

The products that are above and beyond our expectations will be included on our Must have List 
and ...

1.  Photographed
2.  Demonstration with mention of your business and website for easy purchase
3.  Listing on our Sidebar for 6 weeks with link to your website for easy purchase
4.  Promoted on Instagram and Pinterest as our Must-Have Products for 2017
5.  Footer with your Business Link in Original Blog
6.  User Review [Myself or Team Member]
7.  Available for One-on-One info with yourself to our readers via video

 - Limited Availability -

This is Super Easy Marketing y'all - you all should be running and clicking the link before we close it up!  I can't wait to hear and see everyone suggestions!

Again - You do not need to own a business to recommend one of your favorite products.  We want to hear from all of you!  BUT, if you do have a business and want to Market your business for pennies ... then by all means ... click the link!

Disclaimer:  Only products we feel are a good fit will be included in our Considerable Mention Category or our Must-Have 2017 Beauty Product List.  Imhoff Homestead has the right to refuse or deny ANY product or business that does not fit with our style, and or, brand -  without an explanation.

Any products sent in will not be returned under any circumstance.  If Imhoff Homestead decides to not promote your business or product, you will not receive your product back.  All recommendations and reviews are those of the Owner of Imhoff Homestead and are our own opinions.  Obviously, some products will not work for everyone, and if you use or purchase any product from our list and it doesn't work out, or doesn't work with your body, you will not hold Imhoff homestead liable in any shape or form.  By submitting an application you are in agreeance to the terms listed above.

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