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Friday, February 3, 2017
Imhoff' Homestead :: Laundry Room Reveal

This is the project that was never meant to be.  I distinctively remember when we were building the home a few years ago saying to our builder and Hubs, "No, I don't want cabinets in the laundry room.  I'll never use them and it's just another upgrade."  I would rather spend the money on something people see ... oh Silly girl!  Trust me, you WANT ... NEED cabinets in the laundry room.  I have seriously had these puppies a week and I am trying to remember how I managed before hand!!

It really all started with Crosbie, our sweet Dane.  He literally has a kennel the size of a small apartment, and for the longest time that beautiful wire cage was in our bedroom ... the horror!  It wasn't until Christmas time when we packed it up and took it back home with us that I realized just how much space I had in my bedroom when it wasn't put up.  I knew from that moment on I was not going to put it back up in our room.  BUT, I needed to find space for it... I mean this thing is HUGE!  Since I didn't have much in the laundry room I thought, Bingo, I'll put it in there.  After an hour of Ryan making it "fit" in the space, it took me 2 seconds to realize ... nope ... this won't work.  There was no space for anything in that room but a washer, dryer and kennel.  Totally nonfunctional.  That's when it occurred to me that I could make a "built-in" kennel and give myself a shelf too.

So here's my little chicken scratch I gave to Hubs to explain what I was thinking ...

then this ... turned into THIS ... 

My first intention to get a few bids for the project.  Hubs and I are both really busy, and don't necessarily have a lot of free time. I new I wanted it to be basic ...  A tall countertop so Crosbie could fit underneath, subway tie, and upper cabinets.   Once we started to really map out want we wanted, Hubs was ready for the challenge.  He sure is handy to have around!!!  
So off to the hardware store we went ...


You'll notice a different countertop above.  After pricing out the surface I originally wanted, the total came out to over $500 for our tiny space for the countertop ALONE.  I about feel over!!  It's Formica people ... WHY is it that expensive?  Sorry Home Depot, but I am not paying that outrageous price!!  I just couldn't imagine my space without it, but in the end, instead of breaking my budget, I went with a pre-cut countertop.  That baby sat in my garage for a few days and every time I passed it ... I despised it more and more.  It wasn't me, and it wouldn't be what I wanted in the end.  So we returned it.  
You wont BELIEVE where I found my new counterop for CHEAP!!

No backing out now ....  Without Subway Tile and No Tops to the Cabinets ...

Installation of the Subway Tile ...

A few days later ... here's my finished Laundry Room:

The black holder on the right side of the wall is for my central vac house.  Not sure about the benefits Central Vac or never heard of it?  Read this post here to learn about why I will NEVER build a home without it!

Curious how I got the look for under the price of my original estimate on the countertop below?  Check out everything we used to make this a workable - and FUNCTIONAL laundry room on the cheap!  I absolutely love it!!

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