Sad to Say Goodbye

Monday, August 6, 2018
This is a post I really, and truly, had not planned for another year or two.  It's funny how things work out isn't it?  I love my home, or I guess I should say, I loved my home.  Just a few short weeks ago, Hubs and I said goodbye to the first home we built together.  It's a home we will never forget and will always keep close to our hearts.

When we built this home 3.5 years ago, we built it to stay.  It was everything we wanted in a house, from the yard to the finishings.  But some things aren't meant to last.  We started noticing about 4 months ago talking about what we wanted in "our next home."  We would often say, "Well, in our next home, we'll do this..."  And honestly, I really thought that was at a maximum of a year away.  Well, I guess God had bigger plans for our family.  I remember it clearly, I was sitting in the pickup line at the kids school, and Hubs sent me a photo of a home for sale, and said, "What's wrong with this home."  Now that I am a realtor in the area, I have a behind-the-scenes glance at homes in the area.  This particular home has been on the market for quite some time, but basically had everything we were looking for in our "next home."  While we didn't end up with that property, we found that we fell in love with the area itself, and once we fell in love ... well it was all over. 

Within weeks we had the house on the market.  It's so surreal to see the photos from our home and feel the memories flood back in.  I think most of all, we'll miss our friends.  I kept quite for a while about our sale.  It was something I wanted to keep quiet until all the inter-workings were done.  There are so many things we'll miss thought, like the backyard.  Ohhh it was an amazing lot.  It's one of the main features of the home that I think both kept us there for as long as it did.  Honestly, in this area, it's irreplaceable. 

The house itself was only on the market for a few weeks.  When we learned we would be closing in less than 30 days, that in itself was a task. I kept asking myself, "How in the world was this going to all get done?!"  We had really settled and designed the home for the space we lived in.  For me, it was hard to imagine a new home, where I would have to re-design, and get rid of some areas of the house I had learned to love.  It honestly was REALLY hard, like for real hard.  For instance, I loved my black china cabinet.  You may remember me posting it here, just a few short months ago.  In the new home, there really isn't a spot for it.  Yes I am getting some built in cabinets, but I had already fallen in love with this cabinet. Maybe it's because it has my DIY stamp on it?

Even though I can't take a lot of my furniture with me, or I'll have to re-design our new space, I will always cherish these photos and remember all the found memories in this home.  It was a GREAT home.  A loving space for our family and friends, and a common ground for company to come and stay and retreat.  Although we said goodbye, Allegheny will be in our hearts.

What I am excited about is taking you on another home building journey, one where you'll be able to see from the ground up again.  I can't wait to share my inspiration, interior design, color palettes, and so much more!

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