Imhoff Homestead's Shared Herbs

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
I am so excited about this little project that I picked up today.  I was browsing around Hobby Lobby yesterday and found the cutest crate for under $5.00!  Yep, picked that baby up!  I had to stop by Home Depot on the way home as well to replace a few flowers that didn't survive and so I was able to select some fresh locally grown herbs to place in the crate.  The herbs were on sale for 5/$15.00 so I grabbed all five and called it a day!

These are fresh herbs that I'll place near my front door so any neighbors can come and grab as they please!  And with guests coming this weekend, I'll be able to cook with the fresh herbs right away.  I love when things work out perfectly!!


Pops of green are my absolutely favorite!  I tend to steer clear of lots of color, but my home is filled with greens along with my muted color scheme!  I love how this would make a perfect [and functional] gift as well!

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