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Friday, September 15, 2017

We're talking all things Wine + Whiskey today!  Is there one you lean towards more than the other?!
We had such a fun evening filled with wine, whiskey, and friends last weekend.  It was one of those perfect evenings, where the conversation was flowing [did I mention there was Wine + Whiskey?], and the food was perfect for pairing.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.

Which got me thinking ... 
A. We need more Wine + Whiskey parities and ...
B. What was it about the evening that made the night so perfect?

To host the perfect Wine + Whisky party, it goes without saying, you obviously need Wine + Whiskey.  But what was so fantastic about this, is we incorporated MANY different types for everyone to try and decide for themselves which they preferred.

We started with the Basics ...

Wine:  We kept it fairly simple in this department.  Instead of bringing in chilled white wine, we kept with the darker reds.  We chose mainly reds in the variety of Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, and a Blend.

For Whiskey, we included - A Texas Whiskey, Crown, Makers Mark, American Honey, and Cinnamon Fireball.  All whiskey was either served Neat or on the Rocks.

Each was paired with different cheeses and crackers, and a bit of chocolate.  We kept the food VERY simple, as we started this after most had dinner already, and we used the drinks as desserts.

The key is to not "overindulge," which is really hard to do when you find the one, and are surrounded with good company.  This helps by not over-pouring and taking your time.  Smaller pours worked well.  This evening was certainly NOT a race.

We have complied a list for the perfect Wine + Whiskey Party, and What we used ... if you're planning on hosting - here is how to get our look...

To Get Our Look:

1. White Tablecloth
2. Craft Paper Runner - Used Black Sharpie to label
3. Set up plates for paring with simple flatware
3. Options for Wine - You'll want to try at least 3 different types
4. Options of Whiskey - Look at different barrels, colors, flavors, etc.
5. Wine opener / aerator / wine carafe
6. MANY different glasses, both for Wine + Whiskey.  After you use one, you should always get a new glass before you try another.
7.  If your guests like their Whiskey on the Rocks, make sure you have ice available.  We prefer THESE, which are inexpensive, and don't over dilute you're drinks.
8. Create ambiance by using candles, or softer lighting
9.  Music, soft enough to encourage conversation
10.  Water .... Have plenty available on the table for your guests to drink throughout the evening. We used water carafes
11. Optional: Have a pen and paper handy so that your guests can write down what they loved and the brand, etc.  This will make it easy for them to take at the end of the evening.

1. Be creative.  Get Bottles, Brands, etc. that you know your guests haven't tried before, or at least not on a regular basis.  * We tend to "like what we like" so we may mix it up with a special reserve bottle, or a limited edition, etc.
2. Mix up the table arrangements so that people are sitting by people they may not always sit by, or split up couples.  It makes for better conversation around the whole table.
3. This particular evening, we gifted everyone with their favorite bottle to take home at the end of the night.  If you're restricted on price, have them take home the already opened bottle as a parting gift.
4. Have fun ... keep it simple and light ... the more you are caught up in the details, the more uptight your guests will be.  Let them dictate the evening

Let us know how your Wine + Whiskey Party goes!  We want to hear!  Have more tips or suggestions?  Let us know too!  We would love to hear from you!

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