Selecting Dining Room Chairs

Friday, May 5, 2017

Isn't she pretty?!  I acquired this table a few weeks ago and it's stunning.  I love it in our space and it's a huge improvement from what we had before.  HOWEVER, I can not for the life of me decide what chairs to pair with it.

A little background ... you may remember my dining room table ... if not, here's a photo to job your memory ::  You'll notice I already have a light table in there with black rounded windsor chairs.  I LOVE this look. It's one of my favorite in my house ... but I am not sure I want to repeat that same look in the kitchen.  I am in desperate need to select dining/casual chairs for the kitchen.

Here are a few of my favorites that I think would go great with the table.  I love the linen chairs below, but how practical is it really?  This is the table that all my boys eat at every day ... am I going to be stressed out constantly about food/sauce dropping all over them?  If I go with the No. 2 Chair, is it too much of the light wood color?  Would the chairs get lost in the table itself?  I am totally open to all your thoughts, but I definitely need help!  If I am going to spend a pretty penny on chairs ... I need them to be the PERFECT chair for our space.

I know what you're thinking ... those bare curtains our blinding ... YES, I am aware.  As soon as I decide on the chairs, I'll hang curtains in the space. I am in-between all White, Cream, and Light Grey.  Below is a representation of grey linen curtains.  I really want to warm this space up a bit!

 So what's it going to be?!  Which Kitchen/Dining Room Chair would you choose?!

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